Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Chung!! Made Me Do It

Whaddup Homies,

Dave here. Whilst our "Devil Made Me Do It" show is still up we decided it'd be a neat idea to interview a couple of the artist. So I sat down and scribbled out a few questions for David Chung, a.k.a. The Chung!!. He in turn scribbled out some responses and all this scibblin' sits neatly below. Gobble it up with your eyes balls and thank us later.

David Radford: How the hell are ya?

David Chung: Oh you know...just chillin'

DR: If you had an intro song that played anytime you walked into a room what would it be?

DC: Probably the theme song to The A-Team as me and my wife are constantly singing it every time one of us enters the room/goes to the fridge/realizes that the theme song to the A-team isn't being sung. Either that or Data's theme song from the Goonies.

DR: There is a great deal of humor infused in your work. Is this one of those “I use humor as a defense to keep from getting too close to anyone” sort of things or more of an “I hate really pretentious people and strive to never take myself too seriously” sort of things?

DC: None of the above. I take my work very seriously and there's nothing funny about it. I'm offended perhaps.

DR: What do you hope to achieve (besides world dominance of course) with your art work?

DC: My art work is currently working on a cure for cancer. So far, it's not making much progress. Instead it's constantly wasting it's time making dick and fart jokes.

DR: Would you rather “beat” them or “join” them? And don’t give me that “Well it depends on who ‘them’ refers to,” crap just answer the damn question.

DC: Jeeze Okay! I'll answer it already. damn. Is this an interview of an interrogation. sheesh. Anyways, my answer is, "Yes."

DR: If you accidentally slipped and fell into a vat of radio-active paint and woke up the next morning with the ability to bring anything you painted to life what would be the first thing you would paint?

DC: Dignity.

DR: So you seem an educated, intelligent human being who has all the depth and complexity of character we all share which cannot be easily defined in one simple sentence. So yeah, could you go ahead and define yourself in one simple sentence for me?

DC: If I could make Ultra Bacon Wrapped Corndogs explode from my finger tips and shower the world with happiness, the rhinoceros will destroy the universe as an armor plated unicorn riding on bigfoot to monkeys from a rock.

Thanks to The Chung for taking the time to talk to me.

Much love!!!!

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