Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alison Blickle in Unicorn Wonderland

by Radford

Hello Peoples,

When we here at Industrial Squid were looking for artists to participate in our all things happy, funstravaganza I Believe in Unicorns, the art of Alison Blickle caught our eye immediately. That was primarily due to that fact that it simply exudes awesomeness, but also because just by looking at her paintings we could tell that Alison had the kind of vivid imagination and yearning for adventure that we wanted the show to be about. So we asked her to join us in our quest for merriment and joy and she graciously provided us with the portrait below, which kicks all kinds of booty, and thus unicorn history was made. Anyways, I asked her a bunch of stuff and she told me a bunch of stuff and that is all neatly displayed below for your perusal. Enjoy bitches.

DR: So its Alison Blickle is it?

AB: Yep.

DR: Dude, Blickle is a stellar last name. What is its origin? Awesometownlandian?

AB: Thanks, man. "Awesometownlandian" is one word for it, another is "German".

DR: At what age did you first think “Hey, sure the art world is a harsh, unforgiving place that can be extremely fickle and turbulent, but I totes wanna be part of that.”

AB: I heard that.

I try to keep a positive attitude about art, and just enjoy working in the studio, make paintings that I like, and have amazing friends who support each other through the ups and downs. The rest is just the business side of things. You have to deal with it, but you can't let it get you down. Which is easier said than done sometimes.

DR: So… say I don’t really get art, which, I mean, isn’t true. Like, I totally get art, like a lot. You know? But for hypothetical’s sake let’s say I don’t, what would you say you are trying to convey through your work? And let me just say I totally already know, this is just for the readers…who….don’t.

AB: It's about wishing for unattainable experiences and connection.

DR: So, Unicorns, what say you?

AB: I'm strongly in favor of unicorns.

DR: What’s your favorite song….wait you didn’t let me finish….what is your favorite song…to plot revenge to? Did you really think I was just going to ask you what your favorite song is? Oh man, come on, what kind of lame, vanilla, mickey mouse interviewer do you think I am?

AB: I don't generally plot or plan my revenges, I like to take a more spontaneous approach. J/k, I'm not into revenge. Let it go and move on.

DR: You know, now after talking about it so much, I am kind of curious.. So what is your favorite song, you know, in general?

AB: It's Echoes by Pink Floyd.

DR: Could you take your whole general philosophy on life, encompassing the whole breadth of your experience thus far, and distill it into one single sentence. And if you could make it super inspiring to the people reading that would really help me out, cause then you know they’d probably talk about it with other people, and then those people become interested so they’d start reading the blog, and so on, and so on.

AB: It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

DR: Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?

AB: I'll take Fortune, thank you.

DR: Price is Right it is. So you went to school in both SF and NY, so as far as East Coast/West coast, what it is lady? Whose side you on?

AB: Oh man, that is a tough call. As far a cities go, nothing beats New York. More art, more awesome. But nature-wise, I have to go with California. Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Big Sur, redwoods, I mean come on. It's almost too good to be true.

Also lower anxiety levels out west I have to say.

DR: So what are you up to? No not like with your career, like literally right now. What are you doing, besides filling this out, because I know you aren’t giving me your full attention…no one ever does. *sigh*

AB: I am giving you my full attention! Dang.

DR: Did you have a good time? (If you didn't could you just say you did? I'm dealing with some low self esteem issues right now, which you could probably guess from the last question.)

AB: I did.

DR: Oh, I almost forgot, one last thing, this is really important. So do you know how to plug the hole that is gushing tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico because I don't know, it seems like a problem?

AB: I don't know but the oil covered animals are breaking my heart. Humans have got to stop being so rude.

Thanx so much to Alison for being Awesometownlandian. Check out her piece and the rest of the art for I Believe in Unicorns here. And to learn more about Alison and her work go here.

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  1. A guy I work with has your unicorn mailer "I Believe" ...I need to have one of those! How can I get one? I love the artwork on the mailer itself!