Monday, June 14, 2010

I Believe in Unicorns Because I Have Photographic Evidence

Question: Who wants to see photos from our Magical Unicorn Photo Wonderland?
Answer: Every-fricken-body!

Here are a few of our favorites and you can check out the rest here: Magical Unicorn Photo Wonderland

Unicorn (being a jerk like usual)

Unicorn creepily appearing in Jim and Tina Darling's Prom Photo.

Dan Barry is not amused. Or is he? No seriously could
somebody let me know because I can't figure it out.

Unicorn gave Jesse Hotchkiss a lift home.

Unicorn striking a pose for Ana Bagayan.

Dee Chavez and Jeni Yang and the Unicorn
discussing the possibility of Glee being canceled.

Max Kaufmann just wanted to get a photo with a couple of his friends
and Unicorn had to jump in the background. Stupid Jerk Unicorn.

Jessica Cooper and the softer side of Unicorn.

Emily Trent Dickens and Unicorn understand the definition of the word frolic.

Unicorn and his Gang of Merry Artists.
(Don't let the Merry part fool you, they will cut you.)

Dee Chavez and Unicorn begin an interpretive dance.

Tiffany Liu finds out if Unicorn hair is indeed made out of licorice.
(Warning: Do not try this at home. It is not made out of licorice
and Unicorns have a nasty habit of kicking)

Unicorn knows how to get down.

In the end, Unicorn is a lover at heart.

Now that you're done checking that out, check out the art from the show here:
I Believe in Unicorns

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