Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chung V Radford: Round 2 (The SuperKickAss Edition)

Last February, Industrial Squid put together its first show called The Devil Made Me Do It. We invited this scrappy, young spitball of a dude known ominously as The Chung to contribute and he did so in skull crackin' fashion with this little doozy of a number:

Now Chung is back in action, whipping out some sick nasty new paintings for SuperKickAss, opening Friday, January 21st. Chung also just happened to be my first interview on this here blog, and now almost an entire year later we're at it again, and this time we're serious. Actually, we aren't serious at all. I don't know if we're even capable of being serious. Honestly, I know for myself its starting to take a real toll on my personal relationships because I never let anyone in, you know, to get to know the real me that is a discussion to be had with my therapist and not you good people. Wow I feel awkward. Enjoy the interview.

Radford: So we meet again Mr. Chung. What matter of trickery do you have up your sleeves this time?

Chung: There are no tricks, Squid. only ILLUSIONS!

R: After our first interview you swore you’d call and we’d do it again sometime, and I waited by the phone, day and night, I kept checking for a dial tone like a crazy person, thinking maybe, just maybe it was the phone that was broken, but it wasn’t, it was my heart. What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

C: WTF are you talking about!? The last time you interviewed me, you put a roofie in my drink and said you needed me as your lead for your version of the Human Centipede! Would you call you back if you knew what kind of sick pervo you were!?

R: I know exactly what kind of sick pervo I am thank you very much. Anyways. So how would you say your art work for SuperKickAss has evolved from your previous work? Is it even dick and fart jokier then ever before?

C: I've matured greatly and have evolved far beyond the dick and fart genre. I've put the baby jokes aside for now as I'm currently tackling more serious issues, like boobies and doodie.

(I was going to put up a picture of doodie but this seemed nicer)

R: Last time we did this we found out you have a huge crush on Edward from Twilight (might not have actually been said) and that you like to regularly visit Fredericks of Hollywood to “test the merch,” (definitely wasn’t said and is bordering on libel) Are there any other deep, dark secrets you’d like to share with us this time?

C: Okay, first of all, get your facts straight. I've always been team Jacob and everybody knows that. And it was Pandora's Boxxx, not Fredericks. And for your information, that "testing" that I'm doing is for quality assurance. Do you have any idea how many times people call in complaining about ass beads breaking off of their strings? By the way, your order of industrial strength ass beads and fig scented lube just arrived in the store. You can come pick them up during store hours.

R: Oh goodie. I love the smell of figs in the morning. Has anyone ever strummed your pain with their fingers? What is that like?

C: Yes. It tingles and gives you the sensation of needing to pee.

R: Indeed. Did you have any cool resolutions for 2011? Like to stop wasting money on your little ceramic kitten collection no matter how goddam adorable those little kitties might be. (That was a random example and definitely not from my own list)

C: To get addicted to meth, quit, then turn my life around, so i can get my kids back and become an inspiration to all by writing a book about it with a "soon to be a major motion picture" sticker on the cover.

R: If you were trapped on a deserted island, name three people you’d want with you and then put them in order of who you would eat first as food inevitably became scarce.

C: Mayor McCheese, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Superman. Then Superman would fly all 4 of us to where the cast of Jersey Shore are and then we'd eat them starting with The Situation first.

R: Well make sure you have a napkin to wipe all the spray tan off your face when you're done. Say you were just named Emperor of Everything. It’s a thing. Trust me. First law enacted would be…

C: To make me Emperor of Everything again...but this time we rented a bouncy castle for the ceremony.

R: We are six beers in and it’s our turn on Karaoke. What are we singing?

C: We're not, we're outside by the curb fighting over the last pizza bagel.

R: Mmmm, pizza bagels. Since the title of the show is SuperKickAss, give me an example of a time in which you kicked ass in super fashion.

C: See response to your last question.

Chung’s work will be part of the 5 person show, SuperKickAss, on view at WWA gallery curated by Industrial Squid, from January 21st until February 19th, 2011. For a preview of the show, go to and click on the link.

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